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Monday, January 31, 2011

Security theater, indeed

So I took the boy to see the Monster Trucks the other night and before you can walk through the door of the stadium you have to stop and let a guy "wand you" with a metal detector.

Well, I am in line and am starting to wonder how all this is gonna work because I know I am gonna make it beep... In my pockets I've got a knife, a camera, car keys, and a cell phone. I also have a set of binoculars around my neck and am carrying two sets of electronic hearing protection. Thats a lot of metal, and I'm wondering how all this is gonna go down. There are no tables or buckets or anything like that to unload all my stuff in and there is a long line behind me so I really dont want to bog everything down for everybody else. So, I ended up just deciding to let the security guy tell me how he wanted to handled it when I got up there...

Well, I get up there and wouldnt you know it... The damn thing didnt even beep! It took everything I had not to actually ask the guy "Are you serious?".He just smiled and told me to "have a good time".

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