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Monday, January 24, 2011

So what was the big winner at SHOT 2011?

Well, according to my blog hits and keyword search data - and remember that I covered almost everything that went down at SHOT - it looks like the big winners are...

More after the Jump (I'm such a tease):

Well... The top 5 items that created the most buzz here at Gunmart were as follows:

1. Taurus Raging Judge
2. Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun
3. Kahr CM9
4. Taurus Carbine
5. Ruger LC9

Close behind and tied at #6 was Glock (That big tease leading up to SHOT about a press conference that never happened really ginned up the hype), then the new .22 TCM cartridge, and also the Diamondback DB9.

*Its also important to keep in mind that both the Kel-Tec KSG  and the Ruger LC9 were revealed several days before SHOT and some of these numbers include a few extra days of web activity that the others on the list did not have.

Now, with that being said... What really has my eye is the Kahr CM9. I really want to see the specs and the MSRP on it, but I think that it might be the winner in the new Mini-9 wars that Michael Bane warned us about. The Kahr should be small enough and (most importantly) light enough to win this battle... Then throw in the fact that MSRP is gonna probably come in at about $500 (gun shop price ~ $400)... well, you tell me what is a better buy in this segment?

I also am very interested in the Taurus Carbine. It looks good except for the fact that it has a fixed and non-folding stock.... and why the heck is mag capacity so low for .40 and .45???

Now, who are the big losers at SHOT??? Well, Kel-Tec, and the Taurus Raging Judge... wait, what? They were numbers one and two on the list???

Caleb at Gun Nuts Media broke the story about the dangerous flaw with the trigger on the Kel-Tec. Basically if you get too excited during a shootout and dont let all the way off of the trigger before running the slide, then you are gonna have one hell of a surprise to deal with. This is a horrible marketing blunder by Kel-Tec. This should be eliminated from the gun, and it certainly should not have made it to SHOT in this condition. Go watch the video at the link. Also, Here is what the Fanboys are saying about it. And, this is interesting to note too:

Kel-Tec reps have said that the “LEO Models” (which are presently vaporware) will slamfire and the “civilian” models are the ones at the show.  So, yes you read that correctly: Kel-Tec is saying that a slamfiring shotgun is a “feature” that will be marketed to LEOs. 

Also, it looks like the Raging Judge is DOA thanks to the ATF going back in time to the good old days of Bill Clinton. Gee gosh golly, if only all guns had to be deemed to have a sporting purpose to be legal... yeah, that would make the world a much safer place. NOT!

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