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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Geek Shootout... Next stop... L.A.

..and they are launching a new website. From the press release:

We are a proud sponsor of the Seattle Geek Shootout which has been a tremendous success and we are excited to announce that we, along with our friends at Girl's Guide to Guns, are bringing the Geek Shootout to Los Angeles, the first of many Geek Shootout Tour venues. We are going to let the community decide where we take the Geek Shootout next and enthusiasts can go to GeekShootout.com (launching February 21st) and tell us why the Geek Shootout Tour should come to their city.
For all the Geek Shootouts, GunUp provides lane fees, targets, and GunUp T-Shirts. We feel that it is paramount to reach demographics not normally associated with the Shooting Sports Industry.  There is actually tremendous interest from those in the gaming and technology community to see what shooting is all about, these events provide a opportunity for people to experience the fun of shooting in a safe and supportive environment.

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