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Friday, February 18, 2011

A great question about pocket pistols

... asked by LC Scotty over on a post at Gun Nuts Media:

Speaking of pocket holsters-i am always uneasy while sitting with my LCP in a pocket holster knowing that it is muzzling anyone that walks in front of me. I am infinietley more uneasy when one of my kids climbs up into my lap from that side or settles on that side.
The holster is a DeSantis Nemesis, and I put nothing but the gun in that pocket. I’m so anal about this that when not carrying this pistol, that pocket remains empty.
My question is, am I worrying about this too much, or is it safe to have young uns climbing on dad with the holstered heater?

And he is right... It does break one of the major rules of gun safety, but its one of the things you have to come to grips with if you are gonna carry a pocket pistol. You are gonna cover someone or yourself very often with the muzzle while carrying...

And thats why I am very much against the Sig P238 for pocket carry. You can read the discussion we had at GunUp here.... but the bottom line here is that you need a gun that is DAO or has a firing pin safety if you are going to carry it in the pocket. IMO, that SIG is a bad thing waiting to happen.

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