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Monday, February 14, 2011

Keep your pistol in your pocket

A letter to the editor of York Daily Record:
I am amazed at the idiots who open carry. You know who you are. Yes, in this great country of ours you do have a constitutional right to carry a firearm. But along with that great freedom comes a great amount of responsibility. Freedom isn't free, someone paid a price for us to have that freedom. There is no reason for anyone to open carry. Common sense should tell you that. Why on earth would I want the thugs and the wolves of society to know that I'm carrying a gun? I want them to think twice before they approach me and try to rob me or anything. I want them to be guessing, is this guy packing or not? But if you open carry you are telling everyone, especially the wolves of society, "Hey, get a pack, attack me and take my gun because I'm a idiot, you can then use it to commit more deadlier crimes." 
Common sense, people, anyone who open carries except law enforcement are idiots. People who open carry want to have some power over others; they want people to fear them because they are lacking something in their lives. Our founding fathers gave us these rights, people fought and died for us to have these rights, the least we can do is show enough common sense when carrying. It's called concealed carry. It's just like the guy who carries a badge for everyone to see that says "Concealed Carry Permit." Why advertise? Did you want to be a lawman but lacked the ability to become one, so hey, buy a badge, tell the world I'm an idiot, I carry a gun. Am I against someone carrying a firearm or the second amendment? No. Do I carry? I'd rather keep you guessing.

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