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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kel-Tec KSG Updates

Via The Weapon Blog... Cheaper Than Dirt reports a few updates on the KSG... I reported the trigger reset fix here

1. Trigger reset. This will be adjusted in the production model so that you can hold the trigger down, pump back and forward, release, and then re-pull the trigger to fire the next round. No worrying about the trigger going dead, and no Pump-firing if you hold the trigger down.
2. Pump lock switch. A new latch button is in the works that will allow the trigger finger to activate the pump lock without reaching in front of the trigger guard, and potentially getting pinched by the pump. Only the KSG in the law enforcement booth had a similar latch button, made out of welded steel, but the production model will be a polymer button pinned to the steel.
3. a removable rail mounted hand-stop will be available (and probably included) to help alleviate fears of sliding your hand too far forward in front of the barrel.
4. indicator holes in the top of the magazine tubes so you can visually see when you have 0, 1, or 2 rounds left in a tube.
The following are accessories that will likely be offered after KSG production ramps up.
1. Extended butt pads. This would be similar to the SU-16 extended pad. Remove some screws and replace the existing pad with the thicker pad.
2. Choke adapter. remove the end muzzle nut, and replace with the choke adapter. this will extend a few inches in front of the existing barrel.
3. breacher attachment. Similar to the choke adapter, just designed for LE use as a door breacher.
4. Single point sling mount.

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