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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pocket Carry Competition Association

Looks like a pocket pistol competition group has been started up in NC:

With pocket guns being the most popular firearm carried for many years because of their convenient size and weight PCCA was created to give people that carry real world concealed pocket guns a place to practice in a realistic defense scenario based shooting sport.

Truly minimum equipment needed, more so when you consider you can actually carry your competition gun or for that matter compete with your real carry gun.

While the name of the sport is "Pocket Carry Competition" this is more in reference to the size of the firearms used. Safety being paramount we feel the only way to conduct competitions is to have all participants use a strong side belt holster.

A typical monthly club level match should be 8 to 12 scenario stages. With low round count scenarios most ranges can set up 2 or 3 per bay.

At the time of this writing affiliated clubs will use "USPSA"  type targets, PCCA official targets will be available in the near future.
More info here

Rule Book here

Contact info:

133 Barnwell Road
Prospect Hill, NC 27314
Office: 336-562-2628
Cell: 919-852-0370

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