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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Travelers Insurance: Anti-Gun

Via SayUncle...

I thought you might find the enclosed correspondence interesting.
I am a law-abiding American citizen with a legally acquired firearm collection, kept securely in a gun safe. I recently thought to add my firearms to my “Scheduled items” on my High Value Homeowners Policy with Travelers Insurance and duly supplied them with full details including serial numbers of my various pistols and shotgun and a Stag 2T .223 semiautomatic rifle.
Through my insurance broker, Travelers Insurance Company informed me that the rifle was “illegal” and, as such was uninsurable. After lengthy communication with my broker who pointed out that the firearm in question is perfectly legal, and in fact, one of the most commonly owned rifles in the US, Travelers then modified their position, stating that this firearm was “undesirable” and that unless I sold or otherwise relinquished my ownership of this firearm, they would decline to continue BOTH my homeowners policy AND my umbrella coverage.
Other insurance companies are perfectly willing to provide coverage for these firearms, under a homeowners policy, so I would like the to ask Travelers Insurance, through your media why they do not support my 2nd Amendment rights and are forcing me to relinquish those rights in order to sell me an insurance policy?
I would also like this brought to the attention to as many people as possible, so that they may make an informed decision when choosing an insurance company for all of their insurance needs.

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