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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We must ban those evil butcher knives!

Thats the song and dance, right? I mean unless you are a licensed butcher, why would anyone have a need for such a large and menacing weapon:

The other day at a Wal-Mart in South Carolina, a crazy lunatic with a suicide-by-cop wish went into the store and started trying to slice people up. When the cops arrived he kept telling them to shoot him and that he didnt want to live. They did... after they tried to Taser him and then he threw one of the knives at one of the responding officers.

So lets ban those evil knives... or at the very least we must pass a law that limits blade size, right? Come on. Its for the Children!

But seriously, here is the take away from this that you wont hear from the Brady Bunch.... The existing gun laws worked. Thats right, the lunatic with a death wish could not get his hands on a gun to go shoot up the local Wally World. Really the only thing missing from this story is a CCW holder demonstrating why you dont bring a knife to a gun fight!

The other take away: "Carry your fucking guns, people!".

*BTW - I also read elsewhere that Wal-Mart's procedure for this incident was to start moving customers to the back of the store.... Talk amongst yourselves!

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