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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pocket .380s

Here is a nice discussion that sprung up over at Gun Nuts Media after  Shelley’s post the other day about the Rental counter Ruger LCP

Here is the way I look at it (From the comments section):

Dont be too quick to poo poo .380 as a caliber. You can get the full FBI 12 inches of penetration (If thats your thing) as well as reliable expansion up to .645 out of that little pipsqueak.


Now, if you truly feel like they are too difficult to shoot well, then drop down to .32 ACP. CorBon makes a great load that will get you 8 inches of penetration and reliable expansion to .435 – they are also now producing their DPX in .32 ACP which gives ya even more expansion. .32 ACP shoots like a .22 lr and you could probably limp d**k that thing and still shoot it well.


Make no mistake… mousegun ammo has come a long way and now they are “enough gun”.
As far as reliability and round count goes, I asked yesterday about what Ruger was going to do about those two range guns, and I am sure that if the gun shop sent them back for warranty work that Ruger would make it right. I would also bet that those two LCPs were in the same serial number batch… Even in a SIX Sigma manufacturing environment there are mistakes.

Hell, Kel-Tec pretty much has a no questions asked lifetime warranty and there have been many a case that I have read over at KTOG.org where high round count (and user abused ) Kel-Tec’s have been sent in for repair and Kel-Tec just sent them a brand new gun. I dont worry about round count on my Kel-Tec… If it breaks I’ll just be without it for the 3 or 4 weeks that it takes for them to get it up and running again or to send me a brand new piece. No worries!

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