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Friday, July 15, 2011

RCBS Launches New Website

Press Release:

The new RCBS® website is a complete resource for reloaders. Users can see what’s new, sift through frequently asked questions, view promotions and quickly search through the entire RCBS product lineup. A video series from expert reloaders provides helpful shotshell, rifle and metallic ammunition reloading tips. Users can also download the 2011 RCBS product catalog, examine reloading data and get answers to their questions. RCBS has also launched an interactive social media site dedicating to reloading, www.ReloaderHub.com.

OROVILLE, Calif. - July 12, 2011 - RCBS® announces the launch of an upgraded website. The redesigned www.RCBS.com is a complete resource for reloaders of all skill levels and is now live.

Helpful for All Reloaders
The revamped www.RCBS.com is filled with useful information for reloaders of varying skill levels. Users can view reloading guides, search through frequently asked questions, and more. A video series from RCBS experts is also available. More than 10 helpful clips are queued-up online, at www.RCBS.com/guide/#videos.

Interactive Assets
The new guide to reloading is a fun way to gain knowledge. Users will learn that reloading is not only a rewarding and enjoyable hobby, it makes economical sense and can produce the most accurate ammunition. Working through every step to an expertly loaded round is made simple with this step-by-step slideshow: www.RCBS.com/guide/step_by_step_reloading.aspx#.

Frequently asked questions are also archived for easy navigation. Visit www.RCBS.com/guide/#faq to find a quick answer.

Must-Have Information
Reloaders can also keep helpful resources from www.RCBS.com at their workbench for quick reference. The guide to reloading, step-by-step reloading pamphlet and other must-have items are available for free download. Visitors will want check back often, promotions and rebates are constantly being updated.

“Our team worked to redesign this website so all of the different assets from the RCBS reloading experts were integrated and easily available,” said Mihai Moldoveanu, Marketing Technology Manager. “A how-to video series, archived FAQs and the entire RCBS product line have been streamlined for quick navigation. The guide to reloading tops off all the different ways users can utilize this website.”

To check out the new website and learn about the entire RCBS line, please visit www.RCBS.com.

Connect with Friends, Find Fellow Reloaders
RCBS also recently launched www.ReloaderHub.com, a social media site linking reloaders together from across the globe. This interactive, user-driven community is filled with helpful information. People of all skill levels can login to exchange tips and recipes, engage in discussions, share photos and videos, calculate and compare savings with an easy-to-use reloading calculator, and more.

ReloaderHub.com is free to join. Exclusive, member-only contests and promotions are also coming soon. Log on today and see what’s new, at www.ReloaderHub.com.