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Monday, July 11, 2011

Revision Alphawing™ Sport Metal Sunglasses

From the press release:

The Alphawing™ Sunglasses are Revision's take on the classic aviator. A depart from their military line, these off-duty, non-ballistic shades feature the latest sunglass technology for ultra lightweight comfort.

The sunglass frame is acid etched from a single sheet of stainless steel. Crafting the frame from a single sheet adds strength, as opposed to traditional metal sunglass frames which consist of several wires brazed together-each of those junctions becomes a point of weakness for the system. The acid etch process also reduces weight; the filler metal used to braze multiple-piece frames together is eliminated, thus keeping the eyewear light and streamlined.

The lenses are ingeniously integrated into the frame. With most sunglasses, the lenses fit inside channels on the frame. We've done the reverse by putting locking channels into the lenses - the wire-thin frame then locks neatly and securely into the lens channel. This gives the eyewear its unique, wire-thin look and again, adds to weight reduction of the entire system

The sunglasses feature overmolded arms for comfort and no-slip grip. They also have adjustable, gripping nosepads for a tailored fit.