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Friday, July 8, 2011

Speaking of non binding "gun free" zones

I have mentioned several times on this blog that my state has very specific requirements about posting "gun free" zone signs.... the sign must be a specific size, have a specific font size, have a specific wording, be posted at a specific height, etc, etc. Still, I go into stores nearly every week that have non binding signs that dont adhere to the state's legal requirements.... and I always chuckle as a walk right past those signs while legally concealed carrying my gun in their shop.

Well, I went to the local airport (an international airport at that) the other day to pick up a family member who flew into town. Wouldn't you know it, the signage at the airport was not even legally binding as per state law. Ha!

No, I did not carry while there... nor would I. I dont really know if federal law trumps state law in anyway as far as airports are concerned (federal building/jurisdiction or what ever). I also dont want to test the parameters of my civil liberties in that manor either. Thats something that I'll just leave up to the ACLU to address. Yeah, right!