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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tac-21 Remington 700 Chasis

Brownells has a video about it.... here. They are pricey ($849), but man they are cool! I think it goes without saying that if anyone out there in Internet land wants to donate one to me, I will gladly take it.

  • Modular chassis for Remington 700 short action rifles
  • Serves as the base for adding components to increase functionality 
  • Full length mil-std 1913 rail on top of chassis
  • Built in rail has 20 MOA on action housing and is parallel to the barrel axis on the forend 
  • Designed to accept any AR15/M16 stock and pistol grip, offering a wide variety of customization options
  • TAC21 chassis uses AICS style magazines in .223 and .308
  • Supports installation of rails on forend and side of the action housing
  • Mounting holes are spaced for Magpul style L5 (11 slots) and L3 (7 slots) rails (1.6"/3.2")
  • TAC21 chassis is engineered to minimize warping and distortion
  • The rifle receiver only makes contact with the TAC21 chassis on the V-shape bedding and recoil lug area ensuring the best accuracy and repeatability
  • Forend allows for barrel diameters up to the receiver size (1.350")
  • Barrels are free floated