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Monday, August 1, 2011

Why is nobody pissed about Chiappa's tone towards gun bloggers?

Yeah... there has been a great deal of activity in the blogosphere lately with regards to this official press release from Chiappa Firearms. It was put out in an effort to address concerns over the news that they would be putting RFID chips into their firearms.

Now people are outraged over their response, and rightfully so. It was a horrible attempt to smooth over the public outcry and to factually address the concerns that some of their customers have. Lets be real... If they wrote that thing for a Public Relations 101 class it would have gotten a big fat "F" and would probably have been turned into a case study of what not to do.

With all of that, much of the backlash only has centered around the coup de grĂ¢ce that they threw in at the very end:

RFID Removal: For those still concerned you can simply remove the grip and remove the hot glued RFID from the frame in the grip area when (over a year from now) these begin to appear. Others may prefer to wrap the revolver and their head in aluminum foil, curl in a ball and watch reruns of Mel Gibson's 1997 film, Conspiracy Theory. Well, that's a plan too!  

Yes, that was the most glaring insult, but my question is this... Why are no bloggers raising hell over the condescending and snide remarks that are aimed specifically at the gun blogging community?

[emphasis mine]
Recently there has been some blogger activity (credibility always guaranteed) concerning Chiappa Firearms putting a RFID (radio frequency identification) in Chiappa Firearms.

RUMOR: (known as blogosphere food): The erroneous information about some sort of “chip” was put out by a blogger who translated Chiappa (Italian) technical information incorrectly.  The incorrect translation and his interpretation came out as some sort of a GPS type tracking “chip”
Ummm.... should we not be offended? While the rest of the gun industry is clamoring over themselves to reach out to bloggers and harness the gun blogging community as an avenue to connect with their most loyal customers, Chiappa seemed to go out of their way to thumb their nose at the entire online gun world (This topic was a hot commodity on all the forums as well as the blogs). Why is this a non-issue?