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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Defender by Parabellum Armament - Awesome in a box!

Parabellum Armament has a prototype in the works that is much like that flahslight gun we saw from Magpul a while back... But this one is a 12 ga shotty! Hell yeah!

Designed for the homeowner who wants a firearm for home protection, but needs to restrict any unauthorized access to the firearm. The Defender is a built around a 12 Gauge pump shotgun. When the defender's 4 digit combination lock is engaged, it prohibits access to any portion of the gun (as seen on the left). When the access code is imputed into the lock pad, the Defender instantly deploys into a home defense 12 gauge shotgun (as seen on the right). Though the Defender has a Pat. Pending, clearly it is still in the prototype phase... We will keep you posted with more details!


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