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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Remington R11 RSASS

So freaking awesome:


R11 RSASS™The Remington Semi Automatic Sniper System is the culmination of a joint effort between Remington Arms and JP Enterprises to develop a highly accurate and superbly built rapid firing sniper rifle. This weapon delivers sub-MOA accuracy out to 800 meters and beyond while providing the tactical advantage of a semi-automatic platform. This weapon succeeds where others fail, meeting any and all mission requirements with ease.

Caliber 7.62 (.308)
Range 800-1000 meters
Receiver JP Enterprises LPR07, Side Cocking
Barrel 18" or 22", 416 Stainless Steel, Cryogenically treated, 1:10 Twist
Flash Suppressor AAC Black Out
Suppressor AAC, Quick Detach
Trigger JP Enterprises, 3.5-5lbs
Stocks MagPul PSR, Fully Adjustable
Magazine 19 or 20 round detachable
Hand Guard JP Enterprises Vtac, Movable rails
Optics Leupold Mark 4 M3 LR/T, 4.5-14X, TMR reticle, BDC, ** Optional J point
Bipod Harris LM-S
Rings / Mount JP Enterprises one-piece
Weight Base Rifle - 12 lbs, Complete - 15.75 lbs
Length W/o suppressor - 39.5", W/suppressor - 46"
Variations Complete system only
Accessories Hard case

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