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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SHOT Show 2012 Medai Day Gun Fails

TTAG has an interesting post up talking about why guns fail at range day.... Which IMO, if this is happening you could easily make the case that somebody should probably lose their job over it. As far as marketing fails go, it doesnt really get much bigger than guns choking down and not working at an industry range day.

Anyway, here are their takeaways (as per industry reps) as to why guns might fail on the shooting lines at SHOT:
1. The has had way too many rounds through it
2. Its a prototype
3. The shooter is doing something wrong
(4. Its a Chiappa)

Not to name names, but there were more clicks coming from the Chiappa Firearms demo range than you’d hear in a roomful of TTAG bloggers. Thanks to a bad mag, an ATI GSG-9 [above] had more failures to feed than Somalia

Like I said, one of the worst things that could probably happen to a company is to have their new latest and greatest wiz-bang turn up on the YouTubes choking down and not being able to run. Thats not going to instill a lot of consumer confidence and is really going to impact sales.

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