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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Concealed Carry Pro-Tip: Dont Out Yourself

So, I was at the local Academy Sports over the weekend, and I was taking my obligatory walk past the gun counter to see what all they had in the display case when I witnessed the following spectacle that just about made my head almost explode:

One guy was standing there talking to the sales associate about a concealed carry gun and inquiring about the differences between .380 and 9mm. She was actually doing a pretty good job explaining things to the customer when a bloviating know-it-all on my side of the counter decided he should chime in and give a lecture to the entire audience through which he could show everyone how much he knew about the subject.... Seriously, he wasn't even talking to the customer with the question, he was looking around at everybody else at the counter while he was getting his windbag on.

He went on and on and then finally began to descend into the idea that caliber didnt even matter, saying that "whoever gets off the first shot is going to win".... then adding, "It doesnt really matter. You could even carry a .25 around and thats as lousy as it gets".

Then Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel standing next to him decided that he was going to contribute to the fountain of knowledge and added:
"Thats right. I've got a .25 in my pocket right now thats loaded up with hollow-points that I would dare anybody to volunteer to get shot with."

The sudden silence and stunned looks on the faces of the seven or eight people standing at the counter said it all. Did you really just say that, Bubba? Really? This aint your typical local gun shop that you are in right now. This is a big-box retail store with a lot of non-gun people in it on a busy weekend afternoon. You cant just say things like that. Luckily none of the shoulder-to-shoulder customers on any of the surrounding isles called 911 freaking out because "a man said he's got a gun and he is gonna shoot somebody", or we would have had an up close and personal look at all the tacti-fool gear that the local SWAT team is using these days. 

Oh, and hollow-points with a .25 ACP? Really? It might make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that those magic black talons of yours are gonna make some bad-ass little mushrooms, but in reality they aint gonna do a whole hell of a lot when they only get about an inch of penetration. If you are gonna carry a .25 ACP, than do yourself a favor and load it up with FMJ ball ammo.

Good grief!

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  1. Because I am a women, I get that all the time. Men telling me what cailber I should be carrying. I love how they just assume I'm ballistically illeterate. Their jaws tend to drop when I start pulling out numbers and going over the science with them.