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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CSGV Ups the Ante

In their war on Starbucks... cause you know, they just want to stop gun violence and not ban guns or anything loony like that.

*Emphasis mine
Did you know that there is *one Starbucks in the United States in which guns are expressly prohibited? That Starbucks is located in the building that houses the company's corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Guns are also expressly prohibited, of course, in those offices. You see, being around poorly screened (or totally unscreened) gun-toters might be "safe" for you, but Starbucks executives are well aware that it isn't safe for them.
Yeah, thats gonna win friends and influence people.

*Hey dumb asses, they are also not allowed in the Starbucks locations that are located in hospitals, at Malls that post no-carry signs, and oh I dont know... every single Starbucks in Washington D.C., Illinois, China, Hong Kong, London, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, and every other nation that does not respect the freedom of their people.

Come on... That was the best you guys could come up with? Five minutes on Wikipedia would have yielded more information than that. Oh well, guess I cant get too upset at the fact that the opposition doesn't have the brains and talent necessary to actually put up a worthy effort.

Good game, guys.

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