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Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Evil Black Rifles" Spotted at Dick's Sporting Goods

I am as surprised as you are. We all know that they are now a regular feature at Walmart (not associated with Gunmart - we carry lots of ARs), but this was the first that I had seen/heard that Dick's is now carrying them.

Dick's has been carrying the Remington R line of hunting rifles for some time now, but these were honest to goodness black rifles (thats racist!). They had four variants of Bushmasters priced from $700.... but only available with low capacity mags.

Also of note is the fact that they carry the S&W Rimfire "evil black rifle" as well.

*The Brady Bunch is gonna pee themselves over this one... who wants to be the first to tell them? lol

**I think it is hilarious that you can type in "Dicks.com" and it takes you to their site as opposed to what you would think it would be on the Internets.


  1. What the hell were you doing in a Dick's? I absolutely despise that place.

    1. I needed to buy some CLP. They were the only place in my neck of the woods who had any. Trust me... They were the last place I went.