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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Legal Question about Open Carry

So here is my question... How can people that work at a gun shop legally open carry if the gun shop is in a place where open carry is not legal?

In my neck of the woods, that is exactly the case. You can have a gun at work for protection (without even needing a concealed weapons permit), but open carry is not legal and open carry in your place of business is not specifically stated as being legal.

So how do they get away with it in the shop or out in the parking lot area? There are never any legal issues with it at all (the cops that are in there all the time dont care). Its kinda just a given, but I'm not really sure that it is technically legal.


  1. I guess it depends on where your neck of the woods is. Here, in Texas, open carry is legal on private property, either your own or on someone elses if you have permission.

    I carry at work, sometimes openly depending on whats going on. And its not a gun store, automotive instead. In the customers presence, its concealed. Here by myself, especially when working alone, its out in the open. Its just more practicle that way.

    No, not paranoid, I dont carry because of threats, never had any. I do because I can, its my right and licensed to do so as well. So I carry everywhere its legal.

    But hey, you can never know!

  2. I believe that open carry is legal on private property in most states. Of course, it requires that the property owner approves.