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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Video: Bloomberg Anti-Gun Super Bowl Commercial

Wow! They actually had the stones to say that they "support the 2nd Amendment"... Well, Bloomberg technically didn't say it, but that was what was implied with the statement by Mayor Menino of Boston. "Common Sense" is the major underlying message (translation: anything our ruling class says it should be).


  1. Lousy pieces of shit!

    1. You know... I would normally delete a comment like that, but considering it in context... I'll let it stand.


  2. It's always amazing to me when people (usually liberals) come up and want to make a law against something that is ALREADY illegal. If they want to keep guns from people (illegally) then ENFORCE WHAT'S ALREADY ON THE BOOKS! Then the couch it like "if you're against this, then you don't have 'common sense' like we do." I'm glad I don't live in NYC or Boston... these jerks don't have a clue.