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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yesterday's Starbucks BUYcott

Yeah, I went.... so did pretty much every other gun blogger on the planet and just about everyone who loves the freedom of gun ownership.

I could list a bunch of links for you, but just go use the Google machine and see the impact for yourself. Seriously, go check the social media nets or Google "Starbucks" and then limit search results to the last 24 hours. The BUYcott was also turning up hits under Google News.

The Starbucks I went to was business as usual, but most everyone is reporting that their Starbucks of choice experienced heavier than normal traffic. Yeah, thats all anecdotal, but I do believe the BUYcott was a success. The BOYcott... not so much.

Also, Guns For Everyone is doing an Occupy Starbucks ammo giveaway... all you have to do to enter is send them your pics/video of your visit to Starbucks yesterday.


  1. Great post man, thanks for linking to our giveaway, we love your blog!