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Thursday, March 22, 2012

.380 Ballistics Gel Test

Mouse Guns and Gear has posted up some great info on some gel testing they did with the Kahr P380. There is video and pics and everything else that you need.... The testing was very well done, and the results were impressive.

The good news is that all 4 showed some expansion from the short barrel and for me, that's what is most important.
I really would love to see some more testing with .380 done similar to the test that I pointed out a while back that included the use of a rack of ribs. .380 does great in geletin (even with a denim cover, but penetration was severely hampered in that video when the bullet struck a rib. I would like to see it tested further to determine if that is a consistent problem or just a fluke.

I would also love to see it done with .32 ACP (which is what I carry in my pocket)... I have actually gone away from HPs in favor of FMJ (these actually) since I saw that video a while back. I think that with small caliber mouse guns, ideally you want to put the shot in the head/face if you are going to stop an attacker in their tracks.... and there is a lot of skull and bones in the head/face area that needs to be penetrated for the round to be effective. Gel testing results are a great tool, but us human being types are not made of just soft fleshy goo.

Whats in your mouse gun?

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