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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Banned From Google Ad Network

I mentioned this a while back in the comments section over at TTAG when Robert was pointing out the hypocrisy of the Google Ad Networks ban on guns. I thought it was funny that my site has always been allowed to to be apart of their network even though I was in violation of the content that they deem allowable. They also until recently allowed Cabelas and Sportsman's Guide to be affiliate partners. Yesterday I got this email:


We review our Publisher policies and content guidelines on an ongoing
basis to make sure they best serve our users, advertisers and publishers.
Under our current policy, sites that promote the sale of weapons and
ammunition are not allowed. Therefore, this site will no longer be able to
advertise with Google Affiliate Network ads. You are welcome to reapply
with a site that complies with these policies.

Publisher Policies:

Thank you

Network Quality
Google Affiliate Network

Well, I guess I am officially out. Oh well... I never really used their affiliate ads anyway.

I will also point out that since they have started this whole new tracking initiative a short while back, when ever I am logged in on this Google account, all the basic Google ads show up as gun ads no matter what website I am on. Gee, more hypocrisy. Who would have seen that coming.

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  1. Google will gladly take a company's money even if it is against their guidelines, but they won't pay out