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Monday, March 5, 2012

Gun Blogosphere Week in Review

Here a few of the more notable things (in no particular order) that you might have missed during my week long absence last week...

RTB has some pics of the new Kimber CDP with Crimson Trace grips

Haus of Guns reviews the PM9

Ebbs has a look at a cool product for the AK

FN Five-Seven Kaboom

SERPA Holster recall

Lone Wolf Limited Gun

A concealed carry fashion report?

New stuff from Federal?

Gun terms from Newbs.... and some for the media.


A product I dont like (YMMV)

Firefight video.

I can think of several more.

I want that knife.

Them guys done went tactical.

Gator hunting with a .380

Speaking of .380s

Help a girl out.

If video games have taught me anything...

Randi Rogers is blogging over at Tactical Gun Review.

SIG lust

10 guns to shoot before you die.

BadAss cardboard guns

8 Antigun Celebrities


Did I miss anything???


  1. Gearsofguns.com Birthday

    1. I did not know that. Thanks.