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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If You Concealed Carry Then You Are Paranoid

So says Gizmodo

Packing a Gun Makes You Think Everyone Else Is Too

There are plenty of reasons not to run round wielding a gun, but here's a new one; holding one makes you think that other people are holding guns, too. And that is not a desirable kind of paranoia to find in someone wielding a weapon.
Sensationalistic crap! Moving right along...


  1. This isn't the case. I pack a gun for every other reason that I can think of and the thousands of reasons I can't think of... but I do not pack because someone else is packing. How mental would that be?

  2. Sad part is, my 4 sisters think I carry because I'm paranoid. You would think with all the things that have inevitablly happened to us (my sisters and me) that they would see the light.

  3. My wife and I both have our CCW's & always carry. We've been told many times that we must be a bit paranoid, thinking something might happen. My answer is this: You have car insurance, even apt/home insurance. Why? Do you think something might happen? ---yes, it's good to be prepared just incase you have an accident or someone burglarizes your home, we are taking precautions too, but the outcome might effect our (or someone else's) life. I think that's worth preparing for......just in case.