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Monday, March 12, 2012

New Gun Term

The term is... *Staying Power. And its used to refer to how long a firearm can stay in the fight, if necessary.

*Coined (As far as I know) by The Serious Gun Blog. Its a great phrase, and one that I think is very important when it comes to selecting a fighting gun. In the article, he is basically referring to a gun's initial capacity and the trade offs we concealed carry holders make for easier to carry guns.

I think that you have to also take into consideration other things that increase "staying power". Yes, the ability to reload quickly can increase "staying power" to a degree. Obviously semi-autos can be reloaded faster and less often than a revolver. Some guns (the Glock 26 for example) that have standard 10 round mags can be reloaded with 17 round backup mags - Hell, you could technically carry the Glock 33rd mag as a backup. Its an obserd example, but it gives you a far greater ability to stay in the fight than a 5 round speed loader.

I think "staying power" also comes into play when we talk about carrying a reliable gun that we know will go bang when fit hits the shan. People on the interwebs bemoan the gun snobs who say that you have to have a $2,500 wizz-bang because you life is worth it... BUT!... Your life is worth a $500 gun that is a known to be rock solid over a $200 questionable piece of junk. Scrape together an extra $300 somewhere and just get yourself a reliable gun that has some "staying power".

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