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Thursday, March 29, 2012

President Obama summed up in 11 seconds


  1. blows my mind that guys that know guns- think they know politics. Of course the president lies, they all do, regardless of party. See the light, the light is your friend.

    1. Not really sure why you are belittling my opinion on politics just because I am a gun owner.

      Yes, all politicians lie. Duh! Thanks for stating the obvious. I haven't, however, seen any politician lie as often and or as blatantly as our current Commander In Chief does. I also dont really understand why you would dismiss the entire thing out of hand just because all politicians lie. Doesnt make to much sense to me.

      Oh well, guess I'm just wandering around in the dark... if only I could just "see the light".

  2. I to am a gun owner and a gun enthusiast. I also am politically independent and think Obama is doing a great job.

    Sorry to disappoint you however this president "lies" about the same as every other politician. Notable exception is the second Bush who is the king of shit bag politicians. Sad because the first Bush and Jed are stand up guys.

    That said, I think you do a great job covering guns, just leave politics out of it. The problem is when you add politics to the gun issues you make this a "us" vs "them" issue. When the "them" wins offices we lose rights, rights that never come back (btw.. the "them" has nothing to do with dems or rep, its all about who paid who) This is fundamentally why I think the NRA should make a major course correction and actually help gun owners. This is the same lesson the Catholic Church learned in 2004 and large business has know for years.

    1. I have to say that I disagree with your assessment of Obama.... and that's OK. We can agree to disagree.

      I touch on politics in a limited manner here for the simple matter that I like to do it from time to time. Hey, its my blog and I blog about what interests me. Although I hate to get into political ideology pissing contests, I do think that politics and guns go hand-in-hand and at times politics is 100% avoidable at gun blogs (this is obviously not one of those cases). Its just a fact that if you are going to be apart of the online gun community, politics is just not something that you can completely avoid.

      All that being said, as a gun owner my political opinions are just as valid as yours... so honestly I think you (and anybody else) are doing a disservice to yourself as a gun owner if you just dismiss my political opinions out-of-hand just because they differ from yours. You may be farther left politically than I am on some issues(and I do know that I am not as far to the right as others on certain issues), but being that we are all gun owners we do in fact all have the same skin in the game at least on one issue.

      It was just that your original comment to dismiss my political opinions simply because they differed from yours was (IMO) rather flippant. Trust me, no one has it 100% figured out when it comes to politics, and while each person's political ideology may be 100% right for them its not necessarily 100% right for this country.

      I am staunchly conservative, and very outspoken when it comes to my opinion on the political course that I want this country to take. However, I do realize that my belief that I dont want to see this country turned into one big Nancy Pelosi-ville doesn't jive with many Americans. Its not what I want for this country, but to many other people that vote and pay taxes it is what they want. I get it. I dont agree with it and I think those people are misguided, but i get it.