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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

These guys are starting to make the Brady Bunch look like the adults in the room


Wow! If you are not following the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence's Facebook page, you are really missing out on a glimpse into the sick minds of the people that we are up against. They and their sycophants are so far removed from reality that its scary. You should stop by every once in a while and have a read. Its very enlightening look at the mindset of the "common sense gun laws" crowd.

Here is one that they posted yesterday... The comments are pretty much par for the course over there. Here is a screen grab in case they take it down (sometimes they like to do so when opposition piles on too hard and they cant ban everyone of them).

Their framing of the debate:
Pro-gun activists argue that they should be allowed to shoot (and kill) someone during a fistfight because they could be exposed to "grave bodily harm." What do you guys think?
And the response:
-I think they are mentally unstable and should not have access to any weapons if they feel justified in shooting and killing another living being during a fist fight. While I don't condone fist fighting either, fist fights aren't typically fatal.

-I think any kind of dialectic should be nullified by the grave danger pro-gun activists present to a civil, peaceful-minded populace. 
-Good Lord, the GOP and the NRA are taking us back to the wild west. 

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