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Thursday, March 15, 2012

U.S. Marines Get Gun Free Zoned

This is a complete disgrace.

Hundreds of U.S. Marines were suddenly told Wednesday to leave and return unarmed to a venue where Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was scheduled to speak, according to reports — an unusual move that illustrates the military’s heightened security concerns.

Now, I know that on the surface those idiot liberals thought that this was a great idea what with the recent military member going crazy and shooting Afghans and the whole Fort Hood shooting.... but in reality, this is nothing but a clear acknowledgement of this administration's disdain and distrust for armed forces members.

And guess what... Like all gun free zones, it didn't do a damn thing to make old Leon one bit safer. In fact, they are lucky as hell that there was not another Nidal Hasan in the mix that would have viewed this as a green-light opportunity to take a shot at Panetta or to go on a rampage and slaughter un-armed Marines. Nothing would have stopped another Hasan from putting a pistol or two and a bunch of mags in his waistband and pockets. All Panetta and his security team did with this was create a fish-in-a-barrel situation. Thank God nothing bad happened.

This is a complete outrage, and heads should roll!

1 comment:

  1. I cant put into words how mad this makes me... or probably shouldn't since big brother is probably watching your blog. I cant wait to vote that bastard out of office.