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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Glock 26 Comes Home

Yes, I have not been talking very much about this lately. Thats because I loaned the gun out to a family member a few weeks back so that he could use it to do his concealed weapons permit test with. He already has a Kel-Tec P3AT which he will be carrying, but he wanted a little larger gun to do the shooting portion of his testing (which he passed, BTW).

He put about 200 hundred rounds through the gun during his practice sessions and the test and zero malfunctions to report. He ran both magazine #1 and #2, so I am pretty much to the point now where I have enough confidence in both the gun and the two magazines. Going forward, I am going to start focusing on running magazine #3 a good bit to see where it stands.

The family member was also ridiculously smitten with the gun. He doesn't have the funds right now, but I would bet that there will be a Glock 26 in his possession sooner or later. Another family member also spent some time with the gun and he is going to be making a purchase as soon as he can find "a good deal on one".

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