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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Iowa Lawmakers Starting to Have Doubts about SYG Law

Guns.com has some good coverage on the matter. Basically the Senators in Iowa are starting to have cold feet over two bills that are now in the Senate. One would add the 2nd Amendment to their state constitution (Gasp!) and the other is a Castle Doctrine law.

Yeah, its most definitely a knee jerk reaction, and of course politicians being politicians they certainly dont want to make adult decisions. In reality these "Stand Your Ground" laws are the same rules of engagement that LEOs have always operated under.... so why not we civilians? Are their lives any more important than ours? Or does having a badge really amount to a "license to kill"? No one would have faulted a LEO from shooting Treyvon Martin if he was bashing their head into the concrete, but a civilian in the same situation has no right to pull the trigger in self defense? Thats "cold blooded murder"? Give me a break.

*Damn it. I was trying so hard to avoid this Treyvon Martin thing here on the blog.

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