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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Look at the Boberg XR9

MGAG has a review of the brand new Boberg he just got. This is a crazy, awesome pistol that is so few and far between that I personally have never even seen one in the wild. Its an amazing approach to pistols... kind of a bullpup design that allows it to be a pocket pistol yet at the same time have a little bit longer barrel for a little added velocity.

For a micro 9mm pocket pistol, the XR9 is incredibly easy to shoot.  I've experienced discomfort with other micro 9mm pistols, but today I had none. Overall the XR9-S is very easy to shoot and functioned well with all the different ammos I ran though it.  So far I have not found an ammo the pistol doesn't like.

*Make sure to check out the backwards loading magazines as well.

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