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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Magpul Quad-Stack and 40 rd PMAGS are Coming

If you didnt catch the Guns.com coverage of the new MagLink the other day, you can read it here. Buried in that story is information that both the Magpul quad-stack and 40 round PMAGS are still in the works.

That is something we got a straight-up answer on, and it's a good-news-bad-news type deal.

Yes, they're in the works.  No, there isn't a release date.  Magpul knows that as soon as they start selling extra-capacity PMAGs the demand is going to be huge, and they want to make sure that vendors have enough stock for everyone to be able to get their hands on some.  They've decided that it's better to delay a bit and be certain that there are magazines for everyone than to put a small amount out there leaving the majority of people hanging.

So, I guess that they are not vaporware afterall. Its just gonna take some time. Its a smart business move by Magpul, but I wonder why they have not diverted most if not all of their resources to this. It has to be a product that has a pretty good profit margin, and we all know that they are certainly gonna sell every damn mag that they can turn out. So why not focus all of your efforts on that?

I also wonder if perhaps there is a military contract in the works that we dont know about. With the military moving to a non-belt fed squad automatic weapon, maybe the military put in a big order for these mega-capacity PMAGS and that is what is pushing things back. Perhaps they are looking to fill those orders first, and are delaying the civilian release until they can fill the military contract. Along those same lines, with the military contracts demanding high production runs I wonder how long it will be before these mega-capacity mags (Magpul, Surefire, etc) saturate the market to the point that these mags become realistically priced for us civilians. $20 bucks for some of these new mags, and I am all over it. $125... not so much.

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