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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Perhaps a pink snubbie for the little lady"

Apparently colored snubbies are amongst the highest sellers for Charter Arms... so says Michael Bane.

I was surprised to learn that the colored revolvers have become Charter's best-sellers. Like everyone I've talked to over the last few weeks, snubs are just flying out the door.

So I guess that gun counter jockey who we all love to hate is indeed a great salesman after all. Who knew! 


  1. I think people feel like they can use a snubby to arm themselves without practicing. And I've heard gun counter superheroes declare that to those interested in buying a gun. Cheap Snubby + Box of SD ammo = $300 out the door.

  2. The only reason they are selling them is because many women and newbies come to the gun counter expecting the salesman to be an expert. The salesman says "you want this cause it's small and lightweight" forget about the fact its a bitch to shoot for a beginner. For experienced shooters it's great. As an instructor most my female students come to me with a snub nose revolver and leave with an agenda to buy a better gun.