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Thursday, April 19, 2012

To which I literally said...

... Are you f*cking kidding me?

Apparently Team Obama wants people to be able to "test out jobs" while still getting unemployment benefits. Wait. What!?

[The Obama] administration is asking states to apply for a new program that would let people test out new jobs while still receiving unemployment benefits.
The "Bridge to Work" program is part of the payroll tax cut package that Obama worked out with Congress earlier this year. The Labor Department is offering to finance up to 10 demonstration projects, and opened the application process on Thursday.

Yeah, thats what we need.... something that lets people double dip and get unemployment after they have found a job. WTF! I dont care if you dont like digging ditches, you better drag your ass out of bed and go earn your keep. Unemployment is not supposed to be a way for you to shop around and try out jobs to find out which one you like. Its there to help provide a safety net until you can find another job. Any job!

Can you say culture of dependency, boys and girls?

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