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Thursday, July 14, 2011

'Sons of Guns' Season 2 Premiere - Triamese M16

First off... Three M16s tied together? What are you nuts?! Yeah, thats a Gunnie for ya... Love it!

So, Red Jacket Firearms has been around for ten years and now the show is back for a second season. It was pretty cool to see some of the flashback pics from "back in the day" that they mixed in throughout the show, but that anniversary gun was something special. That double inverted M16 that inspired it was also amazing... and something I've never seen before.

That "Triamese" M16 (as they referred to it on the show) was pretty bad ass, and a very complicated design. As they told it, if there was a problem with any one of the three gas systems the entire thing would come to a halt. Why they were not using piston driven systems I do not know. It seemed to me from watching the show that the gas system was their biggest hangup. If they did, they also could have eliminated the rear buffer and shortened things up a bit. I also thought that they should have used a piston system when they were making their double M16 last season, but  hey... I am not a gun fabricator. I'm just glad I wasnt the one who had to sight in a three barreled gun!

Overall... I thought it was a pretty cool episode. I hope the rest of the season is just as interesting. I'm looking forward to that 1,000 yard AK episode they have coming up.