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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stephanie Hayden talks about Seaon 2 of 'Sons of Guns'

Girls Guide to Guns has a great interview with Stephanie.

NF: So we didn’t talk about this last time and I’d really like to know- how did the show come about? Whose idea was it to do a TV show about Red Jacket.
SH: Jupiter Entertainment. We actually have always done little YouTube videos and things like that because me and my dad were always taking it to the extreme. We get out in the field- we play with these things. We find the best changes for weapons that are out there and we’re also into developing new age weapons. So with us putting it all on the internet, basically they just found us. They came across a YouTube video one day of dad shooting a machine gun in some bunny slippers and some pajama pants and they just thought it was hilarious. So they came down and spent a week with us and thought we were perfect for TV due to the “characters”, as they call it, that we have around here. That’s a nice way of saying that we’re an interesting bunch of Southerners. They just decided it would make great TV and, well, here we are.
 She also talks about her carry gun.... Glock 26

SH: I am – my dad actually bought me a Glock 26 so that I would have something for carry.  You’re not exactly gonna strap an AK on your back. I mean, you can, I have but it’s not really the best thing for walking around the mall. He got me a little mini Glock 26 and I’ve gotten really good with it. When I first started shooting with it I was pretty bad. I was pulling to the left.  I actually got back there with Chris and he helped me out. For somebody who’s not a gun guy, it’s kinda crazy to get your shooting advice from him, but a lot of times you learn from somebody outside of the family a little better. Dads kind of automatically expect you to be good and all of that stuff, so it puts a little bit of nervousness on you and you don’t want that. So going with somebody who just says, “Ok, you don’t know how to shoot this, let’s get you taught” takes some of that preemptive nerve off of you. He got back there with me and he’s never been a huge gun guy but he’s a natural with handguns, which is incredible.

Those are just some of the highlights, but go over there and check out the entire thing. Its a great read.