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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

150 more rounds through the new Glock

Yeah, I was able to get some more trigger time with my new carry piece. I put 150 rounds of ball through it without a single problem. I am still only running the #1 magazine... Id really' like to get a few more rounds through that one before I go on to start testing the other two.

I will say that I am really loving the new grip texture on the Gen 4. It a lot less slick than the older generations, and its definitely not as abrasive as the RTF texture. When doing a full mag-dump, I do feel it rub my ring finger but its definitely not something I would classify as uncomfortable.

The large backstrap is also a big plus over the old Gen 3 Glock 26 that I had been carrying. It fills my hand better (I have average size hands, BTW) and it puts my finger much closer to a proper position on the trigger.

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