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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Its perfect for home defense"

Yep, those are the words spouted by a Gun Counter Commando recently in a big box sporting goods store while a customer was fondling a Taurus Judge. He went on to add, "Its awesome because you dont have to have a full-sized shotgun"... I sh*t you not!

Exit Question: What if all salesmen were as ignorant as some of the gun counter jockeys are?


  1. Can you explain why this is stupid? I'm new and need an explanation. Thanks.

    1. The ballistic performance of .410 out of a short barrel is pretty darn weak.... and grossly over-hyped.

      I wouldnt want to get shot with one, but I certainly would not want to stake my life on it for home defense... and its certainly no where near as effective as a full sized shotgun.