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Thursday, February 9, 2012

S&W Getting Ready to Make a Big Push

Here is a PowerPoint presentation from Smith and Wesson's recent SEC filing. It outlines many of the companies plans both internal and external as well as the big marketing push that they have in the works. The good news for us (the consumer) is that they are hinting at some cool new offerings in firearms.

They say that they are looking to really push their M&P brand as well as introduce several new and "exciting" polymer pistols for concealed carry and personal protection. There will also be offering many new calibers and models in their M&P rifle line (both tactical and hunting).

Seeing as SHOT 2012 has already come and gone and S&W was nothing to really to write home about... perhaps NRA Show 2012 will have some big reveals.

Anything else I could add at this point would be pure speculation, but with the way things in the industry are trending there are several things that I might ponder that we might see any or all of the following (pretty please?).....

Sub-compact Single stack 9mm
.22 lr wheel gun
.308 caliber AR
.300 AAC Blackout AR
M&P Branded bolt gun
SBR designed for the military or police markets

Only time will tell, but from looking at that outline things do look promising.


  1. I'm banking on a Bodyguard 9mm. If it happens I say they give me one for free because of my amazing psychic powers.

  2. I agree with the Bodyguard 9mm, or a similar single-stack 9x19. It's a natural counterpunch to the current wave of sub-nines.

    They also wouldn't do bad to introduce an M&P branded single-stack .45. The only competition in that arena would be the Glock 30 and the new Springfield XDS

  3. Also, I believe the 300 Whisper suppressed I fired at SHOT show is also an AAC Blackout as well. Not 100% but I believe that's correct.

  4. i would bet that the single stack (if it materializes) in any caliber would be branded as M&P.... from reading the linked piece it looks like they are really trying to make that their flagship. It might be a pocket 9 or maybe just a subcompact. Either in single stack variation would be a hit. The Internet has been begging for a polymer single stack 9mm for a long, long time.

    I do wonder why they did not use SHOT Show to really push this new initiative.

    1. Yes, I DO WONDER why too as I was banking on it with my fingers crossed at Range Day. No dice though. Here's hoping. My pops is gonna be at the NRA meetings coming up so we'll see if he can get a scoop for us.

  5. They have a big Tactical Clothing line coming out. That is going to need some cashola. Shot some of their new rifles as well. Pistols... they were not pushing.

    1. I had forgotten about the clothing line. Funny that they didnt mention that at all in the PowerPoint for their investors.