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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super Bowl Police Snipers

Over at RTB... I linked over to his post a while back about snipers at the Cotton Bowl, and now he's got some pics up of police snipers at this year's Super Bowl:

More pics at the link. A couple of thoughts on this...

1. There is probably another shooter sitting in the same place on the other side of the field... seems like it would be a necessity to get full coverage of the stadium.

2. I really question the need for this. I think that this is really more of just something on a archaic checklist than it is a useful tool for dealing with a SHTF situation. Yeah, it would always be nice to have a shooter with a full view of things, but aside from a couple of far fetched scenarios, I just dont see where stadium snipers at a football game realistically come into play.

On the other hand, they are gonna have somebody up there anyway just for surveillance, so why not just let him take his rifle up there too. I guess it doesnt really hurt, by at the same time I do think they are kidding themselves.

3. Those pics got leaked out pretty quick seeing as the super bowl was just the other night. Kinda wondering about why and how these came to public light. IMO this is something that is better kept under wraps.

4. I really love that tripod setup. I use a tripod sometimes when I deer hunt from a ground blind, but its nothing as nice as that.

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